operation management

| December 3, 2015

You are the HR manager for a company that has approximately 2,000 employees. While there is not a profit sharing plan, there are matching funds to a 401k, as well as health benefits, which employees must pay a portion. The employees are divided into three divisions, with division two and three doing similar tasks.

The first division operates relatively lean, and is the operations of the company. The second and third divisions are collectively lean, and have employees that are all necessary in fulfilling the mission of the organization. Both the second and third divisions hired personnel as the company was growing.

Unfortunately, over-hiring was done in the second division, as the second division became stagnant and the third division had stronger growth. The third division has significantly more personnel; however, the number is not proportionate with the second division, nor with the workload required. More personnel are needed in the the third division, due to the growth it is experiencing. Fewer are consequently need in the second division. Not everyone in the second division can perform the duties necessary in the third division. Everyone in the third division can perform the duties of those in the second division.

Upper management will be making a decision as to what to do about the over-hiring in the second division and the under-staffing in the third division. They have sought your advice as to a potential solution or solutions, and will meet with the Board of Directors to determine the appropriate action. What are the plan(s) that you propose to upper management?

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