operation management

| December 8, 2015

o Compare what the HR systems might look for at Wal-Mart, a new web startup company, and a law firm. How would you achieve a sustainable competitive advantage through HRM systems in each of these firms?

Select two companies that interest you. For example, consider Ford Motor Company and Toyota or consider Eli Lilly and Mylan Laboratories.

· Answer the following,


o What can you infer about each company’s business strategy and organizational culture?

o How are these differences in strategic type likely played out in how each company manages human resources?

Do a search of the following journals, with a focus on the key words “sustained competitive advantageâ€:

Harvard Business Review

McKinsey Quarterly

Strategic Management Journal

Look for articles that address the notion of a sustained competitive advantage . Explore how this idea relates to other management systems (e.g. financial, production and operations management system, information systems).

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