| February 28, 2015
SCIENTIFIC WRITING The following categories must be a part of a standard scientific paper:
Introduction which is general information about the topic, gives a general idea to the reader of what the report should be about. Materials & Methods which is a description of the experiment as it was performed (in past tense, 3rd person)
Results which is a description of what happened, what was recorded, etc, and is often accompanied by a figure (which is a picture, drawing, graph, table, etc)
Conclusion which is an explanation of why the experiment turned out as it did, how it happened physiologically, what the physiological processes were, etc
Figure (or Table) which must be completely labeled & must contain a legend which is a brief description of what the values are & the methods used to obtain them so that the figure can be understood without the rest of the paper
Papers must be typed and double spaced.
Helpful hints: 1. Remember to use past tense form in the 2. Try presenting the result in different chart, etc), before deciding which one
material and method section. ways (tables, graph, lines, pie is the best way, as in which one presents the information the best. 3. Do not use personal names or he, she, her, him, I, me, etc. Use words such as the individual, subject, participant, observer, the arm, the knee, etc
4. Do not use the words “the student”, “this lab”, & do not divided into groups, do not write the methods section as lab manual
procedure, it should be a flowing description scientist did. say the class if it were a of what the Points: ? 20 for leaving one of the 5 sections out ? 10 for using present tense with regard to the experiment ? 10 for no legend ? 10 for restating the results & having no explanations in ? conclusion ? 5 for incomplete methods ? 5 for statements in the wrong section ? 1 for small errors such as using the words lab, him, her, I, we, you, the etc; for grammar; spelling mistakes, also for no reference to the figure in the text, using unexplained abbreviations, not labeling
each section or part of the graph/figure etc
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