Nursing Research

| May 18, 2015

Nursing Research
I have started my paper and have added it to the documents.
it is not edited yet. I just need The Writer to finish Part
2 (500) words and Part 3 (300 words. Part 1 has 3 parts
which i have mostly written already although i still need
to edit it which i have already stated. I will add it to
the document list so as the writer can base Part 2 and Part
3 from the already written assignment. I will need them to
refer to the full instruction guidelines, so as to
understand how to begin part 2 and part 3 for me please.
The 5 references i need are based on the three key
recommendations i have already chosen. 1)Not using
medications first for sleep problems in the elderly. 2)
Redesigning aged care unit functionality to encourage
better sleep.3) Individualized cares plans for patients
assessing the best interventions for their daytime sleep
problems. All references are regarding the theme of daytime
sleepiness in an aged care facility.

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