Nursing Preceptors

| February 4, 2015

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use updated references ( last 5 years only) and preferred Saudi related articles. Also,the way of writing has to be like this: for example in a study conducted in XXX by XXXX, nurses were asked XXXX using a XXX design and the results indicated that XXXXX.. These findings support the work of XXXXX, who conducted a similar study in XXX and found XXXX . In contrast, XXXX found that nurses XXXXXX based on a XXXX study, conducted in XXX. Therefore, …
EXAMPLE: This needs to read more like this ‘It is suggested by XXXX in a study that was undertaken in XXX that …. This finding is supported (or contradicted) by XXXXX, who indicated that nurses in XXXX felt that XXXXX was the main influence on XX
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1- weakness in preparation for those preceptors and interns.
2- absent of national stander in Saudi regarding internship.
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