New product report on: “COS Australia “Review effectiveness of new product launch & commercialisation

| August 22, 2015

New product report on: “COS Australia “Review effectiveness of new product launch & commercialisation

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Turnitin must be 0%

References must be 15
must be from the company website
COS Australia (
style Harvard

must have 3 main sections as it explain below:

New product report on: “COS Australia “Review effectiveness of new product launch & commercialisation
You will be required to write a new product report on a real life company. You will be required prepare it for COS Australia ( and compare it with its competitors.COS is a fashion brand for women and men who want modern, functional, considered design. When writing the report you will be required to access, analyse and recommend taking decisive decisions in complex situation drawn from this real life setting, taking into consideration the sustainable, social and ethical concepts of a firm.

1. Section one: Introduction, background context:
• Introduction of COS and company background
• Include a brief discussion of the market in which the company operates (industry background)

2. Section two: Situation Analysis, Key findings incl. critical issues in “new” product launch, targeting, positioning:

1. Review needs to be undertaken from the perspective of the company introducing the new product and its competitive positioning.

2. Internal environment
• Review of COS’s current and anticipated organizational resources
• Review of current and anticipated cultural and structural issues
• The customer environment
• Review of marketing goals and objectives
• Review of current marketing strategy and performance
• Sustainability

3. External environment
• Identify close competitor of COS Australia
• Comparative analysis
• Competitive environment,
• Demographic environment
• Social and cultural environment
• Critical issues

4. SWOT analysis
5. Aansoff growth matrix
6. Porter five forces
7. Segmentation
8. targeting and positioning strategies

3. Final section:
a. Branding strategies
b. Product strategies
c. Pricing strategies
d. Promotion strategies
e. Distribution strategies
f. Other relevant strategies
g. Recommendations

Appendices (to include diagrams, figures & tables where necessary)

References must be 15 include the following 5 references:
• COS Australia (
• Text Book Marketing Management, 15th Edition Phillip Kotler and Kevin Keller, 2015
• Pearson Education Journal of Marketing Can Marketing be a science? Robert Bartels, 1951, Vol 15 (3), pp. 319-328
• American Marketing Association Journal of the Academy of The behavioural perspective Gordon Foxall, 1992, Vol 20(2), pp 189-198 Sage
• Hooley, G. and Saunders, J. (2004). Marketing Strategy and Competitive Positioning, FT Prentice Hall (Pearson Education), London.

please find the attached document which include the ‘description of the assignment’

Turnitin must be 0%

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