Neuroscience: a replacement

| May 6, 2015
Neuroscience: a replacement
Below is an explanation of what the critical review paper is expected to feature:
1. Like any paper written, your reviews should have an introduction section that ends with a research question/ topic sentence/
question that sets the stage for the content of your paper. Meaning when i read that last statement of the introduction, i should be
able to know what it is you will be explaining throughout the rest of the paper. Following the introduction, there should be 2-3 body
paragraphs highlighting the ideas that directly relate to your research question/topic sentence/ question. Finally all should be
summarized and tied together in a concluding paragraph.
2. The entire critical review from cover page to references should be IN APA STYLE. fonts, in text citations, reference sections and
heading should follow the APA style. You have to understand that 30% of the mark you receive on these papers is dedicated to APA style
3. The text should be written in a formal tone. you should also keep the tone passive. do not use “I”, “we”. Do not use abbreviations
and exclamations.
4. The paper is not a platform for opinions. it is good to have an opinion but an opinion alone has no place in scientific writing.
Either explain the logic (backed up by research and theory) behind the opinion or do not state it altogether.
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