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Order Description

• A report observing academic conventions of 2500 words on issues covered in the first 5 lectures and independent research aligned to the lectures and tutorials.

• 1. Neoliberalism represents political economic thought that advocates organising society on the model of an idealised free market economy. From a global perspective the neoliberalism ideology needs to be questioned and revised as there are many problems that are occurring within numerous political economies and multi-national and trans-national corporations are becoming too powerful for governments to control. Based on your research discuss the prevailing academic views about neoliberalism and government control over multi-national and trans-national corporations.

the introduction includes:
– attention getter
– thesis statement
– scope of essay
the body:
– Background
– the good aspects about the neoliberalism
– the bad aspects about the neoliberalism
(includes the impact of neoliberalism in developing and developed countries).

– summarise main arguments
– you may give your opinion
– limitations of research

executive summary

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