Native American Art

| April 23, 2014

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Write a research paper on a specific topic that relates to Native American art. Your paper could go deeper into a topic that we’ve covered in class, or you could research something that we haven’t addressed and that you find interesting. Try to line your topic up with your existing interests. What were you curious about when you first signed up for the class? What interests do you have in other courses, and do they overlap with topics related to American Indian art?
Once you have selected a general subject, distill it down into a specific question so that it isn’t too much for you to tackle, or too vague for you to answer. Start with a specific enough question so that you really need to find an answer. For example, a question that is too broad would be “How did Navajo weaving change over the years?” A better question might be, “What specific changes did aniline dyes cause in the weaving of Navajo rugs in the last half of the nineteenth century?” Your paper will include a formal analysis of at least two example art objects.
A formal analysis consists of three parts: a description of the overall appearance, an explanation of the way the artist designed the work (how did she/he use light, color, line, value, or other visual elements), and finally, an explanation of the artwork’s meaning. We will discuss this further in class.
The research paper will be eight to ten pages, double-spaced. If you wish to write two papers, each four or five pages, with one analysis each, that will be ok, too. Please use APA format.
Brainstorm your ideas, organize them, and then make a draft that you can revise before you launch into your final paper. If you write and revise it bit-by-bit over time, it will be an easier process than if you try to cram it all together last-minute.
Visual Description: “As if it were being described over the phone”.
Elements and design: How did the artist use:
Must use these terms and develop a broad sense of understanding for them within your research paper.
About me:
I am interested in this class because the history of culture is intriguing. As a hobby collector of art, antiques, jewelry, pottery, and such, a desire to broaden my knowledge of Native American history led me to believe this class would quench my thirst. I find the connection of spiritual and tangible objects fascinating. Dance rituals are something of interest to me as well as sweat lodges and the objects used to induce a vision quest. (If the Northwest coast Indians did these types of things, which I believe the Navajo did). I admire the keen awareness Native Americans seem to be have with ancestral spirits thus stylizing art to produce tangibles to aid in their communication with this dimension. Form can manifest in several ways taking shape through rituals, the body, and elements of the earth. This organic process is why I decided to take this class in addition to the knowledge I anticipated to help me identify some of the pieces I collected through-out the years. I also desire to become a graphic design major. This class fulfills a requirement working toward this goal.
The books used in this class:
• Looking at Indian Art of the Northwest Coast
By Hilary Stewart
ISBN: 0-295-95645-3
• Navajo Sandpaintings
By Mark Bahti with Eugene Baatsoslanii Joe
ISBN: 978-1-887896-05-4
• Native North American Art
By Janet C. berlo & Ruth B. Phillips
ISBN: 978-0-19-284218-3 or 0-19-284218-8 (This is the main book!!!)
If you have any need for more information I have objective modules etc to provide for you. Thank you for your time. Just write it like you are me!
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