Nationhood and identity Between the Four periods in Judaism

| April 29, 2014

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This is a term final paper about Judaism. I will upload some files for you, which are a syllabus(schedule) about this class, a final paper prompt that my professor gave it to me, a specific instruction wrote by myself that includes explanation of the syllabus and prompt and what i want you to write, lecture PPTs and PDF files used in class, relevant readings( those readings i will give you my Kindle account, there is a book in there you need to read).
In this class, teacher divided the religion, history and culture of Judaism in 4 period, which are Ancient Through Persian Period, Greco-Roman and Late Antique Period, Medieval Period, and Early Modern Period. Under each period, there are 4 themes(i.e., Beginnings and origins; God and Worship; Nationhood and Identity; Law and Study) about each period. The requirement is to choose one of the themes and review the way in which it develops through the ancient period, Greco-Roman period, Medieval period, and early modern period. I will explain more details in my additional files. Before you start to write, please read the PPTs(only Ancient, Greco-Roman and Medieval those three periods have PPTs, Early modern period is a PDF file), and the book "The Cultures of the Jews" by David Biale. Those readings can give you a general idea about the nationhood and identity about Judaism through the 4 periods.
About the sources, I need at least 2 outside sources in this paper, the PPTs and the book that I provide to you doesn’t count as a outside source. You need to do some research on this.
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