National Union of Kuwaiti Students (NUKS)

| November 25, 2014

National Union of Kuwaiti Students (NUKS)

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This is paper is related to writing about your experience in working for a non profit organization. I worked for the National Union of Kuwaiti Students in Los Angeles, CA. What I did was picked up Kuwaiti students from the airport, then took them to the airport and then helped them look for apartments. This was all because most of them did not speak English at all and Arabic was their first language. I helped ease the process for them to move to the United States. This was all based in Los Angeles, CA because I study at Loyola Marymount University. Please emphasize on this in the paper.

This paper is split into two parts:
Reflection Paper
Application Paper

Each paper should be 3 pages.

The purpose of the reflection paper is to reflect, document, and provide a tool for discussion of your learning. The purpose of the application paper is to identify and explain how you would apply what you learned to your career or other professional setting.

Reflection Paper
1) What are 1-2 theories or concepts based on class readings or class discussions
that are exemplified in your organization? Provide brief and specific examples.
2) What are the top 2 strengths of the organization? Top 2 challenges?
3) What have you observed in your organization that is perhaps not immediately
relevant to class concepts and yet you feel is interesting or resonates in some way for you?

Application Paper
1) What are your top five most important learning take-aways from this assignment?
2) What did you like the best about the assignment?
3) What was most challenging about the assignment and any suggestions for
4) How might you apply what you’ve learned in your career?
This is a link to the organization’s About me page in english, unfortunately all other parts of their website is in Arabic.

And also, for the theories talk about Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs and organizational structure in relation to the paper.

Also, the organization I worked for is all Kuwaiti student based, and all over the united states. So current students are the only people that can work for the organization


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