National Identity Formation Through Translation of Children’s Literature in Qatar: The Role of Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation Publishing

| May 10, 2015

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Points I would like to cover:
1. Defining terms: * children’s literature * identity
* national identity
2. Historical background of:
* children’s literature in general
* children’s literature in the Arabic Islamic Context
* Translation of children’s literature in general and in the Arab World
* link between translation and national identity formation
I have written so far around 7000 thousands words, but this is done incoherently and as if it is a collection of other scholarly opinions without adding my own contribution to the paper.
There are many things that I am still preparing, and I think I need to submit to you:
1. the interviews I did with officials from other institutions to investigate their contribution to the field of children’s literature and to find out if there is any kind of collaboration with BQFP as a publishing and translating house, as well as looking at any translation done by these institutions.
2. I need to do a textual analysis for a number of BQFP children’s books (for this age group: 7 – 15) to find any markers of national identity
I usually get A or A- in my assignments, so will the writer be able to write in this topic, especially that is mainly for a graduate of translation studies
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