"Music is such a personal thing. There is nothing social about it". Discuss in the context of a sociologically-researchable topic of your choice.

| August 22, 2015

The Assignment
Weight: 45%
The assignment for this unit must be submitted electronically via Moodle. It must be in pdf format.
The assignment is designed to allow you to present the results of your research into the assignment topic in a systematic way. It is an opportunity to show how you can marshal evidence and arguments and demonstrate that you can analyse the media in a sociological manner. It is also an opportunity to develop the more generic skills of putting together a paper in a well-organised and persuasive manner: such skills are important to careers in any complex organisation. The assignment is focussed on a particular topic, and requires both depth and informed reading in the area. It is worth 45% of your final mark. The marking criteria for the assignment can be found below.
Note that you need an overall mark of 50% in order to pass the unit, and you must have submitted the assignment and sat the final examination. This does not mean that you have to pass each component of the assessment in order to pass overall, it means that the final mark needs to be 50% or higher when all the individual components are added up. So you could fail the final examination and still pass overall of everything added up to at least 50%
This year’s assignment topic is:
“Music is such a personal thing. There is nothing social about it”. Discuss in the context of a sociologically-researchable topic of your choice.
Some recommended readings are below
We highly recommend that students begin the task now and not wait until the last week or two. The more time spent on this assignment the better it is likely to be and the more you will get out of it. Good work takes time and effort.
What reading do I need to do for the Assignment?
The assignment reading list below may look somewhat terrifying, but you don’t have to read everything on it! The assignment question is broad enough to allow you to approach it in many different ways, and I have suggested a number of areas below that you might want to think about. You will certainly be expected to demonstrate familiarity with at least three of the readings under the General Sociology of Music heading below, but after that it depends on the area that you want to concentrate upon (or areas — but no more than two please! Otherwise you risk spreading your argument too thinly). If you want to do your assignment on some aspect of music not mentioned below, please consult me on this matter before you make your final decision. In such a case, you would need to find your own readings.
As a general guide, a minimum of six references that are properly engaged with is appropriate for this assignment, and you may cite more if you wish. But remember the principle of diminishing returns: the more reading you do, the less value each extra item tends to add. If you try to cover too much, your presentation may come across as superficial. You may be better off concentrating on a smaller number of key readings and doing a good job with them rather than spreading your effort across too large a number. You have to work out what a key reading is for your purposes: that is called research! Suggested references are below, but you can also do your own research here! The references below can be accessed electronically through the UNE Library page: just type in the title of the reference and you should get to the article. This will usually be in the form of a pdf document you can download. The Library can advise on searches. You are expected to know how to do Library searches and download articles in electronic form by now.
General Sociology of Music

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