| April 22, 2014

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This is a two part assignment. I already finished part one. I will attach part one below, which contains some basic material for part two.
Part II. Writing the paper.
1. Your paper needs to be written in essay form and be double-
spaced, size 12 font and be a minimum of 1000 words (no more than 1200).
Make sure that you proofread carefully!
2. Your paper should have an introduction, supporting paragraphs, and a
conclusion. Footnotes and a bibliography are mandatory.
3. A thesis statement is also mandatory and should be in the introductory
paragraph of your paper. For a clear definition of a thesis statement, go to:
4. Subsequent paragraphs should include the following:
a. A description of your museum visit and the space in which your
artwork was exhibited, and should include the following information:
b. A description of the exhibition space in terms of its size, wall color, and the general theme of the artworks in that space.
c. A description of 2 artworks adjacent to your museum selection. (Artist, Title, Date, Historical Period)
d.What your art work had in common with the art works to the left and right of it? Does is share similar subject, medium, colors, scale?
e. Why you picked this artwork over the other ones in the room?
f. Summarize your overall experience in the museum.
5. You will describe your selected artwork from the museum in great detail mentioning all of the formal elements, composition, subject matter, etc. Write the description as if you are describing it to someone who has not seen it.
6. Compare and contrast your selection from the museum with the one in the text and include the following information:
a. The theme of your works of art.
b. What they have in common?
c. What is distinctly different about them?
d. Which one do you think embraces the theme best and why? How is
that accomplished?
e. Which do you prefer and why?
f. What do you think the artist was trying to communicate? Be sure to
clarify that this is your interpretation of the artist’s intentions. Don’t attribute ideas directly to the artist, unless you find statements or writings by that artist. (If you do research the artist and/or the artwork, remember to CITE YOUR SOURCES! see below for instructions)
g. Now consider the cultural context of each work of art. What aspects of that culture affected the making of the artwork? Religion? Politics? Race? Gender? Class?
h. Make sure that you mention how they both embody that specific theme.
7. The following website provides some guidelines and a sample comparison:
8. RESEARCH is a requirement of this assignment: You will want more information about the artworks to enhance your paper, you may refer to the
museum website. Do not use Wikipedia or random sources on the Internet. You are only authorized to use academic sources for this assignment;
All sources must be cited in a footnotes and in the bibliography, including your textbook.
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PayPal Acceptance Mark

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