Museum Assignment

| December 27, 2014

Museum Assignment

It’s just part of the assignment that i’m working on, but i have not enough time to do all. Sorry. There’s are extra credit questions. So, do not have to be include

too much details. Please do as much as you can.
even though this assignment requires to visite NCMA, you could do using website to find out the work of art from NCMA website
here’s more website that instructor gave us to get more information.

There’s no limit of resources.
Please use your personal reaction about work of art to do this assignment.
*When responding to questions, please fully cite the work you are discussing (Artist, Title, Date, Medium).

EXTRA CREDIT (Inside of the museum) (2 pts. each, 10 Total)

2. Compare Aaron Douglas? Harriet Tubman (located in the Contemporary/Modern Gallery) to Jacob Lawrence?s treatment of the same subject in Forward (located in the

American Gallery). In both cases, note the way in which the formal elements of the works help convey meaning.

3. Locate a work of art that has a distinct function/purpose aside from being an example of ?art for art?s sake.? This can be a sacred, ceremonial, or a utilitarian

function. Note the title/date of the object. How and where is the work displayed? Does the display of the work help contextualize it? Suggestions: African, Classical,

Judaic, Egyptian, Ancient American galleries.

4. Find a work that uses iconography to convey meaning. Cite the work and discuss its iconography (provide several examples). What is the historical, cultural, and/or

religious context of the work? Suggestions: Classical, Judaic, Egyptian, African, European galleries.

5. Find a work that uses intuitive perspective and a work that uses linear perspective. Fully cite each work and note what type of perspective is used. (European


EXTRA CREDIT (Museum Park/Greenway) (5 pts. each, 10 total)
Visit the trails outside of the museum (a map of the trails and an audio tour are available at the Information Desk or here:

1. Find two examples of outdoor or site-specific sculpture. Include the artist?s name and the title of the work. Describe each sculpture and note:
What did the sculpture look like as you approached it? Did it look different when you saw it up close? How is the sculpture integrated (visually, spatially) into the

surrounding environment? How does it interact with the environment (what features of the sculpture/environment are emphasized?) Why do you think the artist and the

museum chose to place it in this location?

2. If the weather is sunny:
Find the Cloud Chamber (hint ? it is down the path from the reddish sculpture shaped like an elongated pinecone, called ?Crossroads?). Once you enter, stay in it for

at least 3 minutes. Describe what you saw after your eyes got used to the darkness. How does this camera obscura function? Note — the Cloud Chamber is closed on

rainy/overcast days and closes earlier than the museum on most days. The best time to go to the Cloud Chamber is around 12-1PM.


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