| April 23, 2015
For the final project will write a research report explaining a NoSQL database and comparing it to MySQL and MongoDB in healthcare. To start your report, you should write about what is outlined in the project document and what you deem most important through your research. You should give an overview of the database in question. The reader should understand the major paradigms of the chosen database. For example, if you were to write about MongoDB. the reader should understand that MongoDB. is a graph database and should understand what it means for it to be a graph database. Your overview may also explain the database’s history and who is behind creating it/funding it. You should further explain how queries work in the chosen database and how data is stored. What are its typical uses? Your reader should be able to give an “elevator pitch” about the database after reading your report. Then you must get on with the business of comparing the given database to MySQL. You can assume the reader already understands how MySQL works. Explain the advantages and disadvantages of the given database with respect to MySQL. Show an example of how data may be structured and queried in MySQL versus with the chosen database. Highlight use cases that are ideal for one versus the other. You should use sources beyond the website of the database in question (which is likely highly biased). Every database that you can use for the project has at least one book published about it and multiple third party online resources. Do not cite Wikipedia, although it’s a fine place to start your research.
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