Money and Banking Project

| December 27, 2014

Money and Banking Project

The objective of the Project will be to evaluate the similarities and differences between TWO BANKS One from Saudi Arabia, and another an International Bank.
oAlrajhi bank from Saudi Arabia

oCIMB bank (Islamic) malaysia

the finding rely on data found in the annual reports


The comparative analysis of the 2 banks should include the following as a MINIMUM:

-What have been the key trends for the banks reviewed for the main financial/banking ratios? (last 4 years).

(Ratio analysis includes trends and norm comparisons, percentage financial statements, credit extensions, liquidity, capital, operational income, etc.)

-What risk management tools were employed?

-What market segments/approach did the banks take?

-What is the management and operational structure, External Board Composition and authorities of different committees?

-What external regulatory authorities and controls are supervising the banks and what compliance were in place to meet regulatory requests?

What were the forces of change in the world that have impacted both banks in terms of their use of technology, deregulation (financial innovation/new product launches), globalization (branch network, mergers, alliances, upsizing/downsizing etc.)

Use comparative financial data years for both banks (eg.2012,2013 ) and if 2013 is not yet audited/, use unaudited (especially to assess impact of current financial crises on both banks performance).

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