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| April 30, 2014

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1-Summarize and evaluate any TWO journal articles investigating the use of the Mobile learning in a language learning context. At least one of these articles should be ‘scholarly’ artilce. Summarise the main findings of each case study and provide a brief critique. (approx 1500 words total)
2-Discuss how this technology could potentially be applied to enhance learning in your own current or proposed area of teaching (approx 500 words)
To complete parts (1) and (2) you will need to research the topic by exploring resources and articles on the web, and through a library search for relevant journal articles and book chapters.
Assessment Criteria for Report:
1- In introduction involve the explanation of technology and how it works. May include definitions, main features, benefits, limitations and basic technical information
2- Analysis of case studies presented in the journal articles and demonstrated understanding of applications in a learning environment. Shows engagement with case
3- Application of technology in your classroom. Demonstrated practical understanding of the application in relevant teaching context. Needs to show a critical approach to evaluation
4- Demonstrated ability to locate and access relevant information from a range of sources
5- Demonstrated ability to use proper referencing procedures to form both in-text and end of text references.
6- Ability to synthesize information into a coherent academic paper using academic conventions, paragraphs and formatting and within the word limit.
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PayPal Acceptance Mark

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