MGT521-WK4 QU-7

| December 3, 2015

Management, Ch. 10: Organizational Change & Innovation: Lifelong Challenges for the Exceptional Manager

Models of Change

In this week’s reading we have learned about Lewin’s and Kotter models of change. One of the Lewin’s Model you discussed is unfreezing stage which is initiated through motivation.  In order to motivate employees they must understand the change and why it is occurring. If this stage is skipped, employees might fear of the worst such as layoffs, etc. If the change is not seen as much of a threat then it is adaptive and employees may be able to handle it better because it is familiar. In my current organization when changes occur, employees are part of the process. How about in your organization? Do you participate in the early stages or are communicated the changes once they are about to be implemented?


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