merchandise management strategies of leading international retailers

| August 31, 2015

merchandise management strategies of leading international retailers

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Unit Guide Summary: A 3000 word research-based assignment centred on the analysis, critique and comparison of the merchandise management strategies of leading international retailers

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Identify two retailers operating within the same sector (fashion sector): Charles Keith ( and Zegna (
Note: the retailers should occupy different market positions.

1. Summarise the contrasting merchandise management strategies of the two organisations from the point of view of the consumer and discuss how this is related to the brand’s market position (consider category scope, range size, breadth and depth pricing and product presentation in store in this discussion).

2. Define and discuss the role that private label plays in the merchandise strategies of the two organisations.

3. To what degree do you consider the organisations to be effective ‘multi-channel’ retailers? What characteristics define and distinguish their respective online merchandise offers?

4. Imagine that as a merchandise manager you were asked to propose and introduce a new category into one of these organisations to expand the range of products offered. What would you recommend and why? Summarise the principles, practices and processes that you would apply to ensure you’d deliver the right quantity of the right merchandise in the right place at the right time and meet the company’s financial goals in relation to this new category.

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