Mental Health

| August 21, 2015

Mental Health

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1. After reading the article’s first five paragraphs, in the space below answer these two questions: What previous research has been conducted on the article authors’ same or similar topics? What were their explanations for why their study was needed?<br /> <br /> 2.<br /> 100 word length minimum<br /> In the space below, describe in narrative form (lists and sentence fragments cannot be used) the characteristics of the participants involved in the research study conducted by the article authors. What was the number of persons who participated; where were they recruited from; what were the participant demographics; were any participant screening procedures conducted; what criteria were used to determine who participated in the study and who didn’t; were participants paid or did they receive any other type of compensation for being involved in the study; etc.

Journal of Traumatic Stress
April 2013, 26, 266–273
Public Mental Health Clients with Severe Mental Illness and
Probable Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Trauma Exposure and
Correlates of Symptom Severity

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