Medical Application to James Cook University Australia

| August 22, 2015

Medical Application to James Cook University Australia

Paper details:
I would like a AUSTRALIAN writer so that my application is suitable to Australian needs. I need responses to four questions. These four questions are for a medical application (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) to a university. It should also be noted that I live in Australia and the university is located in remote of Australia, therefore the responses must be tailored to Australian needs and the needs of Aboriginal and rural, remote medicine. The university I am applying for is James Cook University. Their website URL is: for your further reference. Each question needs a response of 150-160 words. Here are the questions: Q1. Why do you want become a Medical Practitioner? Q2. Tell us why you are interested in a course where important themes are Indigenous and tropical health and rural/remote medicine? Info for Q2. (Please note that when it says indigenous it is referring to Australian indigenous people, Aboriginals. I was also born and lived in tropical Fiji Islands. The health and standard of living in Fiji is relatively low.) Q3. Provide details of any paid employment, work experience or voluntary you have undertaken to your studies, which indicate your motivation to study Medicine at James Cook University? Info for Q3. (I had 1 week of work experience in a medical surgery. I’m also religiously active in religious organisation if that can help any way to the motivation of studying medicine) Q4. Provide any other information you believe will support your application. Info for Q4. (There are quite a few people in my family who are doctors, cousins, uncles, sister and brother in laws. My father also got into medicine but due to financial constraints he could not complete the course.) Please note you can that you can use any of these information’s in any questions if needed. For example information I provided in Q4 might be useful in Q2.

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