Max Weber

| February 16, 2015

You will write an approximately eight page research paper. This paper is to be formatted in APA. This paper will be normal font 12 point, double spaced and 1 inch margins all around. The topic of your paper will involve the management style of a famous Management Theorist. The objectives of this assignment are to allow you to explore a topic of interest to you that we won’t cover in class, and to strengthen your research, synthesis, and writing skills. Please choose your theorist from the list below and notify the instructor before 11:55 pm on Sunday of week 2. This will only be two students allowed per Theorist. The paper is due by 11:55 pm on Sunday of week 6. Failure to notify the instructor by the required will result in a 25 point deduction on the final paper. You will need to cite at least five references. No more than 2 of sources should be from web sites (not accessed through a library database). You should strive to find the most authoritative and/or up-to-date sources. DO NOT limit yourself to those sources for which electronic full text is available. You may need to go to the library and read a print source; you may even need to order paper(s) through interlibrary loan. I will grade the papers based upon style, content, and references. Style: Is the paper well-structured? Are grammar and spelling correct? Are references cited correctly in the text and at the end? Is the paper a pleasure to read? I strongly recommend that you write your paper a few days early and let it sit so that you can review it with a fresh eye. It is also a good idea to get input from a friend or from a tutor at the Writing Center.

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