Marxism with Native American poor

| August 25, 2015

• The final project for this course is the creation of a 7 page research paper on a topic one American literature, as analyzed through the lens of a specific theoretical framework, Marxist criticism.

• you are participating as a burgeoning literary scholar in the field, and the paper should be well written, with a sophisticated argument and thorough research.

• The paper should be an original, individual work of scholarship

• Note that you do not have to specifically denote within the paper itself that you are performing a specific theoretical analysis—it is acceptable to allow the analysis to stand for itself.

• However, should you choose to take this more oblique approach to your theoretical analysis, you should plan to specifically mention in the abstract of your paper which theoretical framework is used in your analysis. Do not assume that the instructor will just “figure it out”—you must concretely identify your theoretical approach, either in the paper itself or in the abstract that goes along with the paper.

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Category: Completed Assignments

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