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| November 9, 2015

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We offer a variety of other committed services for other assignments that students encounter in the academic journey.

Marking and proofreading

This service is modeled to assist students from all over the world who want to ensure the work they have done is up to par, and also to offer guidance about the grade they want to achieve. We have professional markers that are competent in many modes of study so whether you are in the UK, the US, Canada or anywhere else in the world; we will have you covered. We guarantee constructive feedback from our qualified personnel.

Proofread work

We read your work thoroughly and check for plagiarism using different programs. We take this seriously because we understand the universities have clear guidelines concerning plagiarism that can result in 0% on a good essay.

We use the “track changes.” feature in Microsoft Word, so you can easily see where mistakes need to be corrected. You can then make the needed changes and submit you work.

Marking and feedback form

Once your job has been checked and proofread by our professional markers, we give a detailed feedback not only to justify the grade but also to help you make the necessary corrections and improvements.

Word format

We deliver our work in Microsoft Office Word (doc or docs) format. However when submitting you paper instructions include the layout, you would like you work in, and we will deliver accordingly. Some of the formats we have been asked to provide are; pdf, rich text format (.rtf), Apple pages and open office writer (.odt)

Qualified Lecturers and Professionals

When you submit your work to, we guarantee it is handled by a professional lecturer to ensure there are no technical errors. Not only will your marker be qualified in the area of study, but they will also have qualifications from your country of study. We understand it’s vital for our UK customers to have professionals who are conversant with UK standards. The same applies to our clients from Australia and the US who have their work written by our Australian and American writers respectively.

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