| December 3, 2015

15. Rate-Capped Swaps- Bull and Finch Company want a fixed-for-floating swap. It expects interest rates to rise far above the fixed rate that it would pay and to remain very high until the swap maturity date. Should it consider negotiating for a rate-capped swap with the cap set at 2 percentage points above the fixed rate? Explain.

16. Forward Swaps- Rider Company negotiates a forward swap, to begin two years from now, in which it will swap fixed payments for floating-rate payments. What will be the effect on Rider if interest rates rise substantially over the next two years? That is, would Rider be better off using this forward swap than if it had simply waited two years before negotiating the swap? Explain.

19. Credit Default Swaps- Credit default swaps were once viewed as a great innovation for making mortgage markets more stable. Recently, however, the swaps have been criticized for making the credit crisis worse. Why?

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