Marketing Research

| August 29, 2015

Marketing Research

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Please read the follwoing instuctions below. This is what my professor is asking for and please use information that is within the past 6 months. Additionally, I need 1 1/2 spacing although it’s not one of your options Thank you.

The intent is for you to find a marketing ? related story, event, promotion or research study of interest and prepare a brief to share with me and your classmates. While you have freedom to choose your content, the topic should relate to the subject that we are reviewing on your particular date (e.g., students assigned to Current Topics #2 should review content that relates to marketing research). It?s best to review current material so please try your best to get content that has posted within the last 6 months. Trust me, there is plenty from which to pick!

In your write-up (3 pages max, 1 ? spacing in Word), please address the following:
? Product, category to which it belongs and key target audience
? Summary of what has transpired, and why you find it interesting or noteworthy
? Opportunities that this occurrence or information represents for the company
? Challenges that this occurrence or information should address
? What supplemental recommendations do you have for the company to increase their benefit or chances of success? Include 1-2 suggestions with rationale

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