Marguerite Duras

| April 3, 2014

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Guidelines for paper on Marguerite Dura’s novel THE LOVER and JEAN – Jacque Arnaud’s film THE LOVER. All sections must be focused and carefully organized, must present information and important ideas backed up with examples which in turn must be fully explained. The purpose of this paper is not simply to retell an interesting, and for some, controversial love story, but to focus on what the author and film director want to show through that relationship and through the conditions that led to it.
Section one: (2-3 examples from research)
a)Summarize in your own words (research and take notes) the important details in Marguerite Dura’s lie and explain why she is considered in important writer, film director and political activist
b)Establish that Marguerite Duras was associated with the existentialist movement had ties with it’s key members JEAN_PAUL SARTRE, SIMON DE BEAUVIOR and ALBERT CAMUS and then explain some of the main ideas of existentialism.(full understanding of Existentialism)
c) Establish that Marguerite Duras was influenced by growing up in Indochina (Vietnam, Camodia, an Laos)
Section two: (3-5 quotes from book or film and explain)
Explain that THE LOVER is an autobiographical novel set in Indochina (now Vietnam.) during the 1930’s when Indochina was a french colony and that Duras sees her life as a young women as an “existential” rebel figure who is living in an “absurd world” and that for her to live life fully, to live an “authentic life”, and be true to herself, she must take risks, break boundaries and derive meaning and value from whatever she can inside herself, from her reading and from the world she observes and experiences outside. (define absurd world)
Then go on to define nd discuss fully the “absurd world” she lives in her relationship to white colonial society in Indochina, her family situation, the ties and barriers to the Asian communities in Indochina, her situation as a student in Saigon, the capital city, and explain why she must become a rebel out of necessity, It;s also important to point out that the young Duras’ openness to taking risks and her determination to live life fully at all cost are connected to her decision to become a writer, her success as a student and that she is more mature, stronger, and determined than most young women of her age. Be sure to discuss how her dress- the man’s hat – and general attitude reflect the young Dura’s rebellious defiant personality.
Section three
Introduce the relationship of the young duras and the chinese lover. Identify and explain the various motives for it. There are many – the need for intimacy (similar emotional needs), physical attraction, racial, cultural and economies differences between Duras and the chinese lover ( 15 1/2 versus 32 years old)
introduce and explain the main ideal of the novel and film – that what begins as a rebellious act by both Duras and chinese lover for a variety of reasons is fueled by erotic passion and intense sexual experiences which lead to genuine emotions and affection and feelings of love despite the denials and fears. And that even the various conflicts that emerge given the different ages, cultural, class and racial backgrounds adds to the intensity of the relationship.
Trace and discuss the important stages of the love relationship. And explains as a conclusion for this section that both the author and film director make it clear that all of intensity and confusion eventually results in a genuine or “authentic” love relationship that Duras and her Chinese lover never forget. They hold on to the memories of their relationship for their entire lives.
Final conclusion
Discuss the similarities and differences between the novel and the film and explain what you think accounts for these differences and explain again in simple terms what is important about the novel and the film with repeat to what there are trying to say.
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