Managing Internationally across Business Systems

| February 5, 2015


I have a question regarding the module “Managing Internationally across Business Systems”.

The questions I have are 13 questions of past exams, and I am looking for a model answer that helps me prepare for the final.

See below the questions, and please let your expert recommend the word count because this solely depends on the writer’s argument and how he defends it. I cannot determine the word count.

1. In relation to two sectors of your choice, how do different institutions help to explain the sectoral specialization of countries?

2. In what ways do corporate governance and financial systems differ between countries, and how do these differences shape the competitive capabilities that firms develop?

3. How do national differences in education and labour-market systems shape firms’ innovation strategies through the encouragement of particular types of employment policies?

4. How can inter-firm networks help or constrain the ability of firms to develop particular types of competitive capabilities?

5. When investing in individual countries abroad, what kinds of risks do multinational corporations (MNCs) face, and how can and should these risks be managed?

6. In relation to at least two contrasting countries, how are firm capabilities influenced by the dominant institutions governing trust and authority relations?

7. How can the concepts of ‘adaptation’, ‘aggregation’ and ‘arbitrage’ be applied to explain the success of different multinational corporations?

8. Has globalization led to a convergence or divergence in business-system characteristics? Explain your answer.

9. How and why does the performance of firms in liberal market economies differ to that of companies in co-ordinated business systems? Illustrate your answer using appropriate examples.

10. In what ways do the employment strategies and organizational capabilities of firms – both large and small – depend on national institutions?

11. When is FDI an appropriate growth strategy, and in which sectors is ‘internalization’ likely to be particularly important? What are the reasons for this importance?

12. When, and for what reasons, will a multinational corporation (MNC) attempt to standardise its different HRM policy areas across its different subsidiaries.

13. When might companies invest abroad in order to grow? Analyse the factors that shape the ability of multinational corporations (MNCs) to develop distinctive cross-border organisational capabilities.

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