management questions

| December 2, 2015

1.What should a comprehensive disciplinary action process look like?  What does a manager need to do every day?


2.What should a comprehensive performance evaluation process look like? What should we be assessing managers on?


  1. What should a new hire package look like?  What information do we want in a job description?  How about a training manual?


  1.  I wonder, what are some ways you think you can improve your own leadership?  What have you learned about motivating and directing others?

2.One of the hardest things to do in a team is navigate a failure.  We all say that we need to learn from our mistakes, but that is a process in and of itself.  Ultimately a mistake does not belong to any individual, it belongs to the team. If a mistake was made it is important to understand not just who made the mistake and why, but also why other team members didn’t or couldn’t help alleviate the issue before it was too late.

Evaluating errors is a critical part of team learning. So, how do we address mistakes? What should an investigation and documentation process look like?


  1. What can you do to improve that process and better evaluate and manage your teammates?
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