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| August 25, 2015

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Assessment Requirements 2 – Project
This task requires you to develop a proposal regarding the development of a partnership to address a housing issue for a group of clients known to the organisation you are employed by. You are to imagine that the documents being developed are for presentation to your organisations Committee of Management, Board Members or Management group. The project will require you to:
1. Prepare a brief proposal (approximately 500 – 800 words) which includes the following information:
a. The proposal must have a minimum of the following information:
• Introduction
• Background
• Objectives
• Proposed partnership arrangements
• Expected outcomes
b. Describe the housing need identified for this proposal, the relevant client group and provide any evidence you may have to support this need.
e. Describe the support needs of clients requiring these services.
d. Explain how this type of project would fit with the strategic directions of your organisation.
e. Describe the skills, knowledge or resources a partner organisation should have.
f. Identify 2 potential partnership organisations (generalist housing or specialist support
organisations)these can be Haven Home Safe and Summer Foundation
g. Describe why you believe these organisations are potentially appropriate partners by
accessing information on these organisations and referring to appropriate information
which may support your case for pursuing a partnership relationship. A sample of the
information accessed must be provided with your proposal.
h. Develop criteria for evaluation of the partnership including how client feedback will contribute to the evaluation.
2. Develop a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a fictitious organisation (use your imagination to develop this document) based on the proposed project outlined in 1. Your MoUmust contain the following information:(MoU is to be between DHHS Outreach and a fictitious organisation)
a. Organisations involved in the agreement
b. Goals and objectives of the project.
c. Rationale – purpose of the partnership
d. The roles and responsibilities of each partner organisation including the level and type of
support to be provided by each organisation as part of the proposed project.
e. Outline of confidentiality and privacy requirements of the partnership relationship.
f. Conflict resolution protocols
g. Communication protocols including regularity of meetings
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