Make sure to back up your answers with other sources.

| August 30, 2015

Make sure to back up your answers with other sources.  In addition, show in-text citations and a reference page.

The questions are reflected below:

1.  Do you think that armed citizens stop crime?  Are there any statistics to back-up your beliefs?

2.  Do you think that armed citizens add to the crime problem by inadvertently supplying more weapons to criminals through carelessness, oversight, or plain stupidity?

3   Does having so many guns available to the general public put us all at risk?

4.  What training and what safeguards should an individual be required to complete before they are allowed to own and or carry personal firearms?

5.  Who do you think should enforce the requirements and train all of these hundreds of thousands of civilians? And would this be fiscally feasible?

6.  Would all of this scrutiny violate an individuals personal rights?

7.  Do you think that intended crime victims should try to fight back?

8.  What are some of the measures that individuals might take or use to reduce or to keep from becoming victims of crime?

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