Majan College survey "service marketing"

| April 23, 2014

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I will upload the assignment criteria first, then I will upload a survey questionnaire which the paper will be based on. next I will upload 2 PowerPointPresentations that has to do with the topic which will back up the information of the task. i need you to put fake figures regarding the survey and base the analysis upon them. I will also provide you with 2 sample assignments which you can follow the structure.
in the Evaluation of Majan’s initiatives to create a service product using the extended P’s section, please address in subtopics the extended P’s and then explain each, for example:
physical evidence…
next, I need you to mention the questions given for the survey.
after that, I would like you to do a table of content.
explain the importance of creating a service product in relation to special characteristics of service provided by MAJAN, info should be available in the fake figures in the questionnaire.
give details as how MAJAN is exploiting the extended 3 p’s (especially to create a service product).
write about the importance of student’s involvement in a good service delivery by MAJAN.
show the delivery process of MAJAN (zone of tolerance) draw some graphs.
add information regarding the quality service delivery by MAJAN from the fake figures. (5 parameters of good service)
show the SERVQUAL model of gaps with the gaps which are present in the MAJAN’s services.
show relevant gaps by analyzing the data collected "fake figures".
explain the gaps which you think are present in the delivery process by MAJAN.
recommendations as to fill the gaps.
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