Logistics and Supply Chain Management

| November 26, 2014

Topic: Logistics and Supply Chain Management

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This coursework is for Global Supply Chain Management
Using the concepts, tools and techniques studied on the module to explore the application of Logistics and Supply Chain Management activities of United Biscuits (UB)i

with specific reference to their strategy to enhance sustainability of their supply chain. You should make specific reference to the company’s strategy which underpins

their desire to improve economic, environmental and social sustainability of its supply chain. When reflecting upon the strategy, you must determine how it influences

the selection and engagement with suppliers and how the strategy is manifested in their products and their engagement with customers. The assignment should be

completed in report format of no more than 3000 words and should include the following:
1. An Executive summary (no more than one page)
2. An Introduction which provides a backdrop to the supply chain strategy of UB (no more than two pages)
3. Application and analysis of concepts, tools and techniques. This is likely to form the main body of your report
4. Recommendations with a workable implementation plan

This assignment provides you with the opportunity to:
1. Critically discuss and apply logistics and supply chain management frameworks, models and theories and describe the latest trends within that field.
2. Analyse and evaluate in a critical and creative manner the structure, dynamics and main processes of logistics and supply chain management and evaluate their

changing environment.
3. Identify and analyse the characteristics of the main logistics and supply chain management functions and their interrelations within UB and evaluate relevant

strengths and weaknesses.
4. Critically analyse the essential role of logistics and supply chain management towards customer service, relationship management, sustainability and value creation

within UB.
5. Articulate and communicate ideas in a written report.


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