literature review

| August 29, 2015

literature review

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literature review:
Title: “Genomics: the future of diagnosis and epidemiology of infectious diseases” 1500 words.
Your literature review must cover the following aspects (approx. 300 words each):
? The development of genomic technology

? The application of genomics to diagnostics

? The application of genomics to epidemiology

? Strategies to analyse genomic data (bioinformatics and statistical analyses)

? Current limitations and how these may be overcome to broaden future applications of genomics

Format: A4 paper; 1 line spacing; 2.5cm margins; 12 point arial, calibri or times new roman font; numbered pages; leave a space between paragraphs; sub-headings in bold.

References: At least 20 references should be cited. Cite original articles not other reviews. Use a consistent style throughout with citations numbered either in parentheses [1] or as superscript 1. Do not use full author names in citations as they are too long. Citations should be listed in numerical order at the end of the paper. Use a consistent style. For example from Journal of

Virology :
1. Varkey JB, Shantha JG, Crozier I, Kraft CS, Lyon GM, Mehta AK, Kumar G, Smith JR, Kainulainen MH, Whitmer S, Stroher U, Uyeki TM, Ribner BS, Yeh S. 2015. Persistence of Ebola virus in ocular fluid during convalescence. N Engl J Med doi: 10.1056/NEJMoa1500306

NOTE: It would be appreciated if the literature review might be in a simple English so the prof won’t think this is not my work.

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