Life history interview project & reflection paper & chart

| April 21, 2014

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Instructions for the Life History Interview Project:
1. Download the handout, Life History Interviewing Guide (Smithsonian) or visit and read theguidelines for conducting the life history interview. Use the suggested questions to draft an initial script for your interview.
2. Obtain permission to interview a family member or significant other who has achieved the developmental stage of later adulthood.
3. Determine your approachto data collection and presentation of the findings.
4. Review the instructions for setting up the interview arrangement and consent.
5. Review Chapter 5, and develop at least one question that will help you understand how your subject’s life experiences may be shaped by differences related to age, class, race, color, culture, disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, immigration status, religion, or sexual orientation.
6. Upload theLifespan Development Chart–Be sure to identify and discuss relevant issues, theories, key terms, and concepts related to the life-span approach found in Zastrow, Chapters 14-16.7. Upload the5-7 page Interview/Reflectionpaperto reportthe information identified in your Lifespan Development Chart (refer to #6 above). Be sure to include a section to describe how the interview affected your awareness of human diversity, racism, discrimination, or power relations in society.
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