Lego Case

| August 30, 2015

Individual case analysis report (15%
Students will prepare an analysis of the Lego case (on LMS), and use the case analysis framework outlined in LMS, as well as notes provided by the lecturer as a guide in their case analysis
Marking criteria
The report will be assessed based on the following criteria:
•Analysis of the organisation’s external environment;
•Analysis of the organisation’s internal environment;
•Analysis of the current business and/or corporate level strategies of the company, supported by clear conclusions on key issues/problems – does the organisation’s current strategies fit with the external and internal analyses?
•Evidence of the practicality of the recommended strategies – i.e., is there enough justification based on sound evaluation of alternative recommendations? Do the recommended strategies fit in with the earlier analyses?
•Overall application of relevant concepts, theories and models;
•Quality of arguments and general coherence of the overall report – are arguments convincing and well structured?
•General layout and presentation of the report (including length, spelling, grammar and referencing).
The report is not to exceed 10 pages (12-pt font, 1.5 spacing), excluding cover sheet, references and appendices. Appendices should contain only supporting diagrams, tables and the like and should not be a proxy for additional text. This page limit will be strictly enforced and tutors can choose not to read any pages beyond the 10-page limit.

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