Lease finance

| December 3, 2015

Which of the following is NOT correct?
Select one:
A. Lease obligations do not affect the riskiness of the firm
B. A sale-leaseback arrangement is a type of financial or capital lease
C. The full amount of the lease payment is deductible if the contract is an operating lease
D. All of the above options are incorrect

An operating lease
Select one:
A. has a lease term equal to 75% or more of the estimated property.
B. is usually short-term and is often cancelable at the option of the lessee.
C. must show up on the balance sheet.
D. none of the above

How much of its earnings a firm decides to pay out depends on
Select one:
A. Its targeted capital structure
B. The cost and availability of external debt
C. Investors’ preferences regarding dividend payments
D. All of the above

Operating leases usually have terms that include
Select one:
A. maintenance of the equipment
B. only partial amortization
C. cancellation clauses
D. all of the above

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