LAFCO (Local Agency Formation Commission) Mini-Paper

| February 27, 2015

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Address the following question:
– What are the arguments supporting the establishment of boundary commissions like LAFCO? What are the concerns about them?
Please use the attached files as main sources .
Here is some Helpful informations about this topic :
The Local Agency Formation Commission was created by the California Legislature in 1963 to discourage urban sprawl and encourage the orderly formation and development of local government agencies.
There is a LAFCO in each county in California. following duties:
To review and approve or disapprove proposals for changes in the boundaries or organization of cities and special districts in the county (including annexations to or detachments from cities and districts, incorporations of cities, formations of districts, and the dissolution, consolidation or merger of special districts), applications for activation of special district latent powers, and applications to provide service outside of a city or district boundary;
To establish and periodically update the sphere of influence or planned service area boundary for each city and special district;
To initiate and assist in studies of existing local government agencies with the goal of improving the efficiency and reducing the costs of providing urban services; and to provide assistance to other governmental agencies and the public concerning changes in local government organization and boundaries.
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