Lack of nutritional promotion in sports stadium

| April 28, 2014

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Introduction to Nutrition
April 14, 2014
HFIT – 205, Section 4
My Research Outline
Research Topic: My research paper will address the marketing strategies used to entice people to purchase certain unhealthy foods over healthier ones at various sporting arena and compose a list of the healthiest arenas.
Reason for choosing this Topic: I chose this topic because I have always wondered why there are few healthy options to eat at sport events and the irony of
Hypothesis: This issue needs to be studied because I think it is ironic that these health events promote fitness as a profession and then serve junk food in their arenas.
Research Questions:
I. Introduction –
a. General statistics about the lack of nutrients in sporting arenas
b. Thesis:
II. Body –
a. Different Typical Food Options
b. Marketing of unhealthy snacks
c. Strategies used to reach target audience.
d. What the ideal diet at a sport arena should consist of?
III. Conclusion –
a. Restate thesis
b. Are there any correlations?
c. What foods are marketed most heavily?
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