Juvenile Delinquency

| August 30, 2015

Juvenile Delinquency

Order Description

Senior Project Research Paper
Juvenile Delinquency

Introduction 2-3 pages
Research 8-10 pages
Recommendation 3-5 pages
Conclusion 2-3 pages

This paper will discuss juvenile delinquency among African Americans and provide recommendation that will help the problem.
The thesis statement must come after the Introduction.
In addressing the problem what are the three main causes of the problem? These are what you will discuss in the body of the paper which is the research portion. The 3 causes that I chose to be researched would be Poverty, Negative Family Environment, and Substance Abuse.
Then you are to provide two recommendations for solving the problem summarizing each recommendation. Since the paper is a work in progress, you will likely not be able to answer this specifically until you have completed your research.
Then you are to pick which recommendation you favor and would implement first and why…….
If your recommendations were followed, in five years why would the issue or problem be resolved – or at least better off than it is today? This will help with the conclusion section.
If you quote please add page number
At least 10 references
Pictures and statics can be added

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