Journal Article on Globalisation of the Cruise Industry

| December 19, 2014

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University is holding a ‘Cruise Conference’ and the theme is ‘Globalisation of the Cruise Industry – The Way Forward’. Various concepts will be discussed at the conference and you are invited to submit an academic paper which illustrates this theme.
Write an article entitled “Globalisation of the Cruise Industry”. Give a critical analysis of the global cruise industry and its place in the world today.
The format for this is a ‘double column’ journal article.
The journal article will require a title, abstract (in italic approximately 100 words) and key words, set in font 12 and Trebuchet MS style. The journal article must be presented in double column. (If you are not sure of this process, go to format, then go to column and then press two columns). A minimum of 30 academic references is required for this journal article; remember websites are extra. Make sure you have the correct amount of academic references otherwise insufficient references will lose you marks.
This journal article should include a strong use of academic literature and demonstrate critical analysis on the subject. The student should prove in-depth reading around the subject.
Knowledge and Understanding
K1 Critically evaluate the global growth and development of cruise liners and cruise industry.
K2 Critically analyse the competitive markets which have impacts on global competition within the cruise and travel industry.
K3 Analyse the strategic developments, which have impacts on the global markets.
K4 Evaluate operations management and the cruise industry environment.
Cognitive Skills
C1 Apply academic theories to the concepts of the global cruise industry.
Practical and Professional Skills
P1 Apply the concepts of global cruise and travel operations to a written assignment.
Transferable and Key Skills
T1 Communicate effectively to individuals and within a group environment
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