Java Spring MVC Introduction

| April 29, 2014

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Write a wiki/e-portfolio entry introducing Spring as a MVC based web application development framework. You are expected to cover the main technical features of Spring, and compare its advantages over other comparable approaches. Attempt to convince your readers to consider adopting Spring for enterprise Java development by discussing the drawbacks of traditional Java EE, and the novel facilities introduced by Spring for web-based systems development. You can assume your audience to be having intermediate level of Java programming knowledge. However, when introducing concepts/terminology unique to Spring, endeavour to explain them in a manner that even programmers who prefer traditional java programming patterns are finding it attractive.
There are three main sections for this deliverables. You can present them using an appropriate structure in your chosen presentation approach. e.g as three pages in a Wiki or three sections with a number of pages in each section. Give attention to the readability, usability concerns; you aim should be to provide a reference resource for the programming community, and attract more number of visitors. The main sections are;
Section 1: Introduction to Spring framework Introduce the core feature of Spring, What’s new?, Why it has become popular? Why it is considered as an attractive alternative for Java EE? What are the core structural elements of a Spring application.
Section 2: Building web applications with Spring MVC Briefly introduce the concept of MVC, and features in Spring to support MVC development. Using an illustration explain the path of a HTTP request in Spring MVC. Explain the role of Controllers and how view resolving and request mapping is done
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