Is America moving more or less towards gender equality?

| November 26, 2014

Is America moving more or less towards gender equality?

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The Research Paper is an opportunity for students to research a topic and to conduct their own developmental analyses. I want you to examine a topic from multiple perspectives, such as cultural, historical, longitudinal, racial, and gender perspectives. The paper should be based on both scholarly research on a topic and your own life experiences. The purpose of this assignment is to display your critical thinking about an issue in developmental psychology. The topic selected should allow you to integrate your own experiences into the analysis of the literature and to demonstrate analyses from multiple perspectives (e.g. discuss a topic from the points of view of people of different ages but you also might compare/contrast analyses of the issues by gender, race, culture, or history).
This assignment is worth 100 points, which will convert to 20% of your final grade. You should plan on reading several papers, books, and articles for your project and include at least 3 references. The paper must be between 4 and 5 typed pages, double-spaced and should include:
• a clear statement about the developmental issues addressed in your paper, the focus of your observations, research or experiences and the evidence on which your views are based;
• your personal reactions, evaluations, and critical analyses from different perspectives;
• references to ideas expressed in lectures, discussions, or readings; and
• your synthesis, point of view, or conclusion to your argument.
I EXPECT you to revise, edit and proofread the paper thoroughly before handing it in. Disorganized writing and thinking will lower the grade given to your paper. Use APA style (which is found in most psychology journals). All research papers will be graded on the same criteria. They are included here so that you can use them to guide your writing.

Points    Issue    Criteria
10    Developmental issues and questions    Clearly identified
Connected to course topics and discussions
Includes multiple perspectives
50    Evidence & support    At least 3 references; Connected to textbook, lectures, discussions
Analyzes sources and integrates key ideas
20    Personal reactions and interpretation    Integrates personal experiences and views
Evaluates evidence and ideas
10    Synthesis and Conclusion    Combines and reconciles evidence
Makes a logical conclusion
10    Style    Follows APA style/ correct grammar and spelling
Coherent organization

Is America moving toward more or less gender equity? Take a life span perspective as you consider how boys and girls are treated as infants and children and later how men and women are treated differently as adults. How do history, economics, and race influence the degree of gender differences in a family? Discuss socialization processes across the life span to support your arguments.


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