Introduction to Law and Regulatory Framework coursework 2

| August 27, 2015

Introduction to Law and Regulatory Framework coursework 2


Each student is to individually submit a single report, using headings to clearly distinguish your answers to Parts A and B. The total word count for EACH section should not exceed 1,250 words (the full report must not exceed 2,500 words).

Reference to literature, legislation or legal guidance documentation should be accomplished using Harvard referencing procedures.

PART A – Planning Regulation and Conservation

The building known as 17-19 The Crescent, Salford, had been unoccupied for several years. Currently a refurbishment is underway to provide office space. However the Developer has realised it made a mistake in creating offices and now wants to use the space as residential i.e. covert the building into approximately twenty flats.

The Developer has asked you to give him initial advice on how likely the prospect of gaining planning permission is.

Write a report to the Developer outlining the key issues he is likely to meet in obtaining planning consent.

(50 marks)

PART B – Building Control, Building Regulation and CDM Regulation

Your Client has gained Planning Permission to refurbish a disused fire station in central Manchester and convert it to a retail space at ground floor level with apartments on the upper floors. You are asked to provide a brief report addressing the following issues:

• Describe ALL Building Control procedures that must be followed in order to demonstrate compliance with the Building Regulations for the development from project inception through to completion. Include reference to post-occupancy compliance matters. Be sure to discuss all procedural options, selecting the preferred means, as well as all enforcement procedures that may be instigated. Use examples from the Legislation and Guidance to help illustrate your answer.
(30 marks)

• Assuming that the development proceeds under a standard form of contract, identify the key CDM roles and duties associated with the development. Include reference to the building’s future tenants.
(20 marks)


Assessment Criteria for PART A

• You should research The Crescent via the internet to ascertain key issues. However you ARE NOT EXPECTED to give a response narrowly focused on that location. Rather you should use the location as a loose case study to explain key issues in a more generic manner

Assessment Criteria for PART B

Building Control and Regulation
• Description of all relevant procedures
• Identification of the appropriate work stages associated with each procedure
• Reference to legislation, guidance and resources
CDM Regulation
• Identification of all relevant parties with duties under the Regulations
• Appropriate description of the various duties including procedures for discharging those duties
• Reference to legislation, guidance and resources

pleas notice this coursework is part of a construction project management program so pleas be specific on construction regulations even the area needed for the building in PART A :link for the building

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