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Assessment Criteria – You will obtain credit for:
• Identifying the areas of law involved in each situation
• Stating the legal principles that are involved in each situation
• Applying those principles to the problem(s) in hand
• Identifying possible conclusions on the basis of balanced and reasoned argument.
• Justifying those conclusions by reference to legal authority (e.g. case law, statutes, other legislation).
The coursework addresses Learning Outcomes:
A1. Demonstrate an understanding of the theoretical and practical characteristics of business organizations and how legal rules and developments impact on their structures, cultures and administrative processes;
A5. Explain the nature and functions of business law generally and demonstrate an understanding of its framework and applications.
B9. Analyse quantitative and qualitative data to
B11. Identify, define, analyse and evaluate
B7. the impact of legal principles on the provision of commercial goods and services and on employment relationships and
B8 propose solutions to problems arising in the business environment relating to the provision of commercial goods and services and employment relationships.
C15. Use the variety of data sources relevant to legal research, including library and electronic information facilities, supported by a bibliography and appropriate referencing.
C17. Plan, implement and submit the assessed coursework by the deadline, demonstrating effective time management
NOTE: There are also up to 10 marks available for the professional quality of your answer. This will include the use of good English, (spelling and punctuation); effective communication of ideas; layout and structure; and evidence of academic writing, (referencing; and a bibliography).

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