Interview a senior citizen

| May 31, 2015

Growing old in Los Angeles


  • Please state the name of the person you are going to interview. (You do not need to have the person’s full name).  Include the person’s age, neighborhood (e.g. East Los Angeles, Wilshire District, Lincoln Height, Chinatown), and his or her relationship to you. For this, you contact an elderly person known to you and seek permission to conduct an oral history with the person.  The person may be a relative, a friend’s elderly relative or an elderly neighbor.
  • The goal is to gather the evidence of discrimination.  The discrimination you plan to research can include housing, employment, and/or school against any of the minority ethnic groups (Blacks, Asian/Pacific Islanders, Latinos, and Native Americans).  Age is often issue in any discrimination. Try to include as many of the following topics:
    • Migration history to trace the history of the senior from childhood to current residence in Southern California.
    • Place of birth. Where did the person spend his/her childhood, teenage years, and adulthood?
    • What brought the person to the LA area?
    • Inter-generational relations and old age support.
    • Living arrangements: living alone, with spouse, co-residence, quasi-co residence or other arrangements.
    • Financial Support
    • Financial Arrangement: personal savings, children’s contribution, pensions or social security income, current work income, etc.
    • Companionship and Social Support
      • Family Support: companionship and social support from children, grandchildren and other relatives.
      • Extra-familial informal social support: (social networks of friends for exercise, shopping, meals and trips.)
      • Extra-familial formal social support: (e.g.) Meals on Wheels and other services provided by Aging Agencies, homecare worker and hospital services)
      • To Be Old & Ethnic (or the minority majority in LA)
      • What are the things that made you happy in your old age?
      • How is your old age different from your expectations?
      • How does your interviewee’s old age experience differ from the old age experience indicated in your readings?
      • What cultural and ethnic generalities could you say about your elderly interviewee?

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