Intelligence Failure Case Study

| April 18, 2014

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The objective of this assignment is to investigate an incident where the intelligence processes or intelligence community failed to provide pertinent information, analyze information in an objective manner, or use intelligence to predict or otherwise prevent an incident. For the purposes of this assignment, the attacks of September 11, 2001 are not to be used. The case study paper shall include the following elements:
? a brief overview of the failure scenario and the results that occurred
? a chronological overview of the events leading up to the incident or incidents that
resulted from the intelligence failure
? a recap of any lessons learned in the post-incident investigation
? a description of any changes that resulted as a result of the intelligence failure
? a discussion as to why the incident is considered an ?intelligence failure.? In this
discussion, the student will identify which of the three primary reasons (discussed on pages xx through xxii in the Introduction for the textbook) best explains the intelligence failure
? If appropriate, analysis of concepts such as denial, deception and signaling; indications and warning; intelligence disciplines used in the study or incident; and types of intelligence used (strategic, operational, tactical).
For each assignment, students are tasked with authoring a college-level writing work meeting the following criteria:
1. The length of the each paper shall be between four and six pages long, NOT INCLUDING a title page and a Reference page. NO abstract is needed for this assignment.
2. Use a minimum of four resources in the generation of the work.
3. The format of the paper will follow APA guidelines and include properly formatted in-
text citations and end of work references.
The purpose of these papers is to give the student opportunity to practice the two skills that are the most crucial to students? future success: critical thinking and writing. The paper should also demonstrate an understanding of the class material through a correlation between the facts of the case study or topic and the information covered in the class. Thoroughness, grammar and neatness count. The final product shall be in MS Word format, double-spaced, using Arial or Time New Roman 12-point font, and in APA format.
Remember it?s the quality and NOT quantity that counts
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