Innovative toilet for urban slums in Ethiopia

| November 26, 2014

Innovative toilet for urban slums in Ethiopia

We didn’t really go too much into detail during the meeting today. The gist of what we decided is this:
– We will be designing our own toilet/rest room/hand washing infrastructure using Haiti’s SOIL project as a model
– We will be implementing this in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa for the urban slums
– We split the project into different parts and assigned everyone a part. You’re doing “local sources/community engagement activities”

For your part, you just need to talk about how we’ll partner with government departments, NGOs, etc. to deliver the intervention, help raise awareness, assess which

areas to prioritize, etc. The govt is already planning on doing work in Ethiopia’s capital (see

plight-toilets-dirty-no-choice-addis-ababa). Put your info into the ppt but keep it short (and not very detailed) since it’s a short presentation.

DHS stats:
Xrunner document:
5 innovative toilets for the developing world:

Hand sanitizer intervention results in Kenya:
How to change handwashing behavior in Ethiopia:
CIA World Factbook on Ethiopia:
Tippy tap revolution in Ethiopia:
Toilets in Ethiopia article:
Tippy tap:
Paper on Slums in Ethiopia

Background/Country (problem/issue and why it exists/what can be done about it): Sarah
Ethiopia ranks 5th in number of annual child deaths due to diarrheal disease, totaling to 73,700

Benishangul-Gumuz and Gambela are the two cities with the highest prevalence of diarrhea in children under 5 years old (23% of children under 5 yrs in each city) DHS p

168 (on the side)
75% of child stools are disposed correctly in Addis Ababa (urban) vs. 31 % in Gamela (rural) DHS p 175
Determinants of childhood diarrhea among underfive children in Benishangul Gumuz Regional State, North West Ethiopia
Thomas Sinmegn Mihrete,1 Getahun Asres Alemie,2 and Alemayehu Shimeka Teferra
(what the innovation that you are proposing is, how it is feasible, appropriate and innovative, and how it will be delivered):
Toilet innovations/features
bathroom infrastructure (doors, locks, etc)
tippy tap
local sourcing/community engagement activities (whom and how this will help):
Empowerment/education campaign:
–> potty training/toilet usage among children?
Deliver education and information with toilet delivery?
Media/marketing campaign to encourage toilet use and hand washing using the tippy tap?
Women’s empowerment campaign (decrease sexual violence against girls in schools by providing safe toilet facilities)
educational materials in the capital in Amharic (official national language)
organization chart/budget(what can be done with $25m and how the sum will be allocated among different budget components) :
Evaluation and impact (potential impact and how it can be measured):


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