Innovation: Organization, Stategy and Development

| April 22, 2014

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Using your research skills, identify an innovative organization. Your well-written Portfolio Project should include the following:
Provide an overview of the company’s innovation strategy. Provide three examples that illustrate its innovation strategy.
Describe the organizational culture and how innovation and creativity are communicated to the members of the organization.
Describe the company’s innovation process, including all stages and gates. If the company doesn’t have an innovation process, provide a recommendation for one that includes all stages and gates.
Describe or propose three different annual events or programs the organization has (or should have) incorporated in its strategic plan to generate and collect ideas.
Provide a voice of customer research plan to support the first three stages of the company’s innovation plan. Communicate the importance of each research method used.
Outline the components of a business case that should be used by the organization to evaluate new product ideas.
Provide recommendations for the types of metrics the organization should use to monitor and evaluate financials, processes and success. Indicate why each metric was chosen and how the metrics will be used.
Identify and define the tools that the organization uses (or should use) to implement its innovation plan.
Your Portfolio Project should meet the following guidelines:
Be 8-10 pages long, excluding the title page and reference page
Use a minimum of five outside references (other than textbooks and course module materials)
The company that I have choose is
I have been greatly struggling within this course all semster do to some outside issues. I need help with what every I can get and would great appreciate any guidance thank you.
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